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Board of Trustees

Board meetings are held on the Kirkwood School campus in room #4. Regular Board Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month @ 5:30 and subject to change. All community members and parents are welcome to attend. Board Meetings dates are listed under the link below.


Name Term Expires

Luke Alexander, President

June, 2018
Rachel Derington June, 2018
Bob Varner June, 2020
Paul Gibson June, 2018
Bryan Hagan June, 2020

Addressing the Board

Government Code provides that every agenda for regular and special meetings must provide an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board. No action shall be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda unless it is a continued matter or the board finds, by a two-thirds vote, that the need to take action arose and came to its attention subsequent to the posting of the meeting agenda. The public may address the Board during the agenda item “Audience with Groups and/or Individuals” or during the Board’s consideration of an item on the agenda. The President of the Board may regulate the length of public comments.

FEBRUARY 2017 AGENDA.doc147.5 KB
MAY 17 AGENDA.doc152.5 KB
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SEPT 19 2017 AGENDA.doc154 KB
AUGUST 2017 AGENDA.doc152.5 KB
NOV 28 2017 AGENDA.doc149 KB
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JAN 16 2018 AGENDA.doc143.5 KB